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Bitcoin (BTC) Cryptocurrency Price Prediction, Forecast, and Technical Analysis - Sept 02, 2021

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No changes from the August 31st trade ideas. The Composite Index is about to cross both of its averages from a neutral position, so this could be a big move higher coming up.




($500/3-box P&F Chart)

Buy Stop @ $50,000

Stop Loss @ $48,000

Profit Target @ $54,000

($1,000/3-box P&F Chart)

Short @ 3-box Reversal on $1,000/3-box P&F chart.

($46k at the time of recording)

Profit Targets @ $40k (all hail the God-Emperor of Mankin) and $37.5k

Stop Loss is one box above the 3-box reversal.


Dollar-Cost Averaging


Buy Limit @ $31,088

Buy Limit @ $23,681

Buy Limit @ $16,455

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