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Canada, Banks, the Fed, and Bitcoin [BTC] Cryptocurrency Price Prediction and Analysis - Feb 15 2022

Want to learn the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo system and Point and Figure charting?





Little bit of a rant today regarding the vile confiscatory power of the Canadian Federal government against its protesting civilians. Another example of why cryptocurrencies are necessary.




($500/3-box P&F Chart) - Feb 7th

Buy Limit @ $39,500

Stop Loss @ $37,500

Profit Target @ $47,000

($500/3-box P&F Chart) - Feb 11th

Buy Stop @ $43,500

Stop Loss @ 42,000

Profit Target @ $49,500

* this idea is only valid if the current O-column does not print an O at $39,500


Dollar-Cost Averaging - Updated Oct 19th


Buy Limit @ $31,088

Buy Limit @ $23,681

Buy Limit @ $16,455

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