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Cardano (ADA) Cryptocurrency Price Prediction, Forecast, and Technical Analysis - Sept 22nd, 2021

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Both trade idea from yesterday (September 21st) hit for profit - the $0.01/3-box chart being the best out of the two. Same thing for today, two trade ideas, one for each side of the market.




($0.02/3-box P&F Chart) - Sept 22nd

Sell Stop @ 3-box reversal ($2.16 at time of recording)

Stop Loss @ 4-box reversal

Profit Target @ $1.96

($0.005/3-box P&F Chart)* - Sept 22nd

Buy Stop @ $2.25

Stop Loss @ $2.23

Profit Target @ $2.31

*trade is invalidated the current column of Os moves down to $2.20


Dollar-Cost Averaging


Buy Limit @ $1.21

Buy Limit @ $0.89

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